Traveling through the Southern Vietnam by rented car

Visiting different cities in the South of Vietnam is quite possible without planes, trains or other public transportation. How is that possible?  It’s quite simple if you got a local driving license and want to be an independent traveler who gets an experience that can’t be compared to package holidays!

Main resorts and interesting cities is possible to visit driving a car by yourself.  For example, from our friends’ experience, the most memorable route is Vung Tau – Da Lat – Nha Trang – Mui Ne (Phan Thiet). It depends on your locations or your choice of a driver where to start your trip if you aren’t stuck at one resort.

Vung tau 1 rent a car

For the sake of the perfect combination of driver’s stamina and beautiful scenery would be good to start your trip from Vung Tau.  To get to mountain town Da Lat (the town of endless spring and flowers) takes about 5 hours.

dalat rent a car

Da Lat is full of sightseeing, it’s the best to stay here for a couple of days and enjoy the cool climate for a bit because at the next point of destination, Nha Trang city, there are way more tourists and the climate is tropical there.   The way from Nha Trang to Da Lat is the most beautiful and unforgettable part of the road with some waterfalls and mountains. You can take pictures just from the sidewalk.  The road last for about 2 hours.  You could stay here either for 3 days or for a whole week because this city is a combination of hustle and bustle of the city and the laid back beach laziness.

nha trang rent a car

You can go diving or snorkeling in the sea, but it’s important to pay some attention to the season – there’re some rains in winter, but then again, with a car you wouldn’t care much about that.

Setting off to the most sporty Vietnamese resort – Mui Ne is the best at noon. At siesta time the traffic won’t be as crazy. It takes about 4 hours to get there if you take the road along the coastline. Please, be aware of a couple of spots where the road isn’t that good but you still can go pass either by any city vehicle or a minivan and jeep. In Mui Ne you can stay in small guest house or big resort. There are hundreds of hotels along the beach.  Also there’s a big number of people who are doing such sports as kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and SUP (stand up paddle). Permanent strong wind in winter months provide the non-stop wave riding for sportsmen and newbies who only about to learn any of these sports.

mui ne rent a car

It’s possible to spend either a couple of days in Mui Ne or a few weeks. But once you get sick and tired of crowds of tourists – it’s time to move on.  And further on is the starting point of our trip – Vung Tau City.  There’s a couple of roads one can use – the main road with all kinds of speed limits which is also always busy with all different vehicles and the other road along the  coastline. The asphalt on that road could be better, also it’s quite narrow  but there’re some artificial reservoirs along the way where the sea salt is being evaporated, rice plantations and dragon fruit fields (pitaya). It’s important not to miss the turn to the hot water springs.  These hydrogen sulfidous springs are called Binh Chau. It’s a small resort where locals and foreign tourist come mostly just for a day to swim in hot springs and take a mud bath.

After the intersection to hot springs, the road to Vung Tau goes through Ba Ria town or you could take the one that goes along the coastline. The road is quite wide and good but you shouldn’t exceed speed limit. It’s possible to meet police along the way. There are equipped with radar speed guns now.

So, here we are in Vung Tau again. The streets here during the work hours are almost empty and the roads are ones of the best in Vietnam.  It’s very convenient here to rest for a couple of days before flying back home. You shouldn’t skip relaxing strolls along the beach and visits to multiple sea food restaurants with sea view.
To get by car to Ho Chi Minh city takes now about 1,5 hour – the new highway has been opened recently. The intersection to this highway is in Ba Ria town and it’s impossible to miss it. The traffic in 9 mln Saigon is quite insane, so to avoid the stress of driving before the flight – it’s the best to get a transfer with a driver.

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Hotel Pullman in Vung Tau

In 2009 construction of Pullman International Exhibition and Conference Center in Vung Tau has been started. However due to problems with main construction company from China completion of this project was delayed several times. Few years ago local construction company DIC-4 continued works on this project. Now construction is on the final stage and allContinue Reading

Russian tall ship “NADEZHDA” in Vung Tau!

On February 28th, 2014 the visit of Russian sailing ship “NADEZHDA” took place.  She came to Vung Tau harbor, one of the main ports of the country.  This ship belongs to a “General’s Nevelskiy Marine University” and is registered at port of Vladivostok. This is one of the most frequently traveling sailing ships in theContinue Reading

Kite Surf SUP school in Vung Tau

Does everyone remember the surf scene from the movie, Apocalypse Now, by Francis Ford Coppola, where several surfers were in the lineup with shells exploding in the water all around them?  This movie, although shot in the Philippines, was a movie about the war in Vietnam. During the war American soldiers DID surf in VietnamContinue Reading

Car VS motorbike. Should you be driving a car in Vietnam or not?

When you see the way and style of driving in Vietnam for the first time, confusion and frustration overcomes you. You can’t comprehend how it’s possible to be driving the car in this country at all, not mentioning the motorbike riding.  Brownian motion that consists of different vehicles seems complete chaotic, and looks quite dangerousContinue Reading

Surf Bar in Vungtau Beach Club. Every Friday party !!!

Last Friday there was the Cocktails Party in “Beach Club”. One of the famous Russian  bartender from Vladivostok – Denis made his own cocktails show and personally prepared a lot of special cocktails for customers. Another famous Vietnamese bartender Anh Phill has made his favorite one. That wasn’t some kind of competition but the showContinue Reading

“Wings Lam Son Square” shopping center in Vung Tau

New shopping center “Wings”  was opened in December in Lam Son district in Vung Tau. “Wings” supposed to be the second modern superstore in the city after “Imperial Plaza”. This center will provide a larger choice of European style clothes, accessorizes and other goods. That’s good news for all customers in the city especially forContinue Reading

Jimmy Lewis boards in Vungtau Beach Club kite&surf school

Why we prefer Jimmy Lewis boards? I’ll answer you. Here it is a picture with common details of construction. I have been riding JL boards for the last 3.5 years and have been able to experience how they ride and react on the water, and I have been doing repairs on JL boards in ourContinue Reading

Hon Ba Mysterious Island

  Mystery of Hon Ba Island in Vung Tau begins with its location. The only way to get there is taking the path which can be seen during the low tide. You should check the tide table on the following website link in advance: Reading

Underwater Hunting in Vung Tau. Is it possible?

Underwater Hunting in Vung Tau. Is it possible?

Here is a wonderful kite and surf station in Back beach in Vung Tau but today we’ll not be speaking about water kind of sports – about hunting. Aram is a member of the station finding out a new underwater spots and today he can surely say that fishing here is possible! And underwater huntingContinue Reading

<!--:en-->Construction of “Vung Tau Plaza” residential buildings was completed<!--:-->

Construction of “Vung Tau Plaza” residential buildings was completed

Just few days ago construction of new condominium named “Vung Tau Plaza” was completed and opened doors for all apartments’ owners as well as for potential buyers. This complex has two 26 floor towers and located on Le Hong Phong street right opposite Central Post Office and “Saigonres Tower”. Most of the apartments were purchasedContinue Reading

Jimmy Lewis Pays Visit to Beach Club

Last weekend we got a visit from Jimmy Lewis, a surf and SUP board leading shaper and a founder of a namesake surfing brand. Even though Jimmy lives in Hawaii, he often comes to Vungtau and visits our surf club, which happens to be the brand’s exclusive distributor. Every time Jimmy comes to Vietnam, heContinue Reading

Jimmy Lewis tham quan câu lạc bộ Beach

Jimmy Lewis tham quan câu lạc bộ Beach Cuối tuần trước Jimmy Lewis đã đến tham quan câu lạc bộ của chúng tôi, là người đứng đầu và là người sáng lập ra môn lướt sóng và SUP, cũng là người sáng lập ra thương hiệu cùng tên lướt sóng.Mặc dù Jimmy sống ở Hawaii,Continue Reading

Russia Surfing Cup and International Kitesurfing Competitions in Vung Tau

“Russia Surfing Cup and International Kitesurfing Competitions- Vung Tau 2012″ starts 25 of November with Grand opening ceremony.   More then 50 sportsmens from Russia, Ukraine, France and Vietnam arrived to Vung tau to participate in this contest. Tens of spectators and participants came from Mui Ne to Vung Tau by big bus submittes byContinue Reading

The Worldwide Arms Museum in Vung Tau

If you are in Vung Tau for the first time, don’t forget to visit one of the greatest educational places in Vietnam, The Worldwide Arms Museum. It is located on one of the highest coastal mountains in Vung Tau, on the road heading to the lighthouse (14 Hai Dang Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City).Continue Reading

Vung Tau: The Perfect Vietnam destination

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Bia Hoi. Traditional Vietnamese beer and brewery.

On the North some calls it morning beer – “BIA SANG”, somewhere you can find a signboards – “BIA ONG” what means honey beer, but on the South and Central Vietnam usually just “BIA HOI” that means sparkling (gas) beer. There are many legends and rumors around this beer. One of the legend says thatContinue Reading

Pioneering Russian investment in offshore service business

Until recently private investments in rapidly developing economy of Vietnam were mostly concentrated in tourism, agricultural and light industry. The heavy industry, the oil & gas service sector has been mostly occupied by large industrial monsters. There are various kinds of affiliated companies or representative offices with headquarters outside Vietnam, but the private investments areContinue Reading

Duxton Group is going to build luxury complex in Vung Tau

Singapore based Company “Low Keng Huat” together with National Oil Services Company of Vietnam Ltd (OSC Vietnam) are going to build huge luxury complex in Vung Tau Project was approved by local authorities and it will include 18 floor five star hotel “DUXTON VUNG TAU”, 25 floor residential and office buildings those will be locatedContinue Reading

Surfing Championship of Russian Federation 2012 will be held in Vung Tau

Surfing Championship of Russian Federation 2012, that was planned to be held in Russian Far Eastern City of Vladivostok at the beginning of August was moved to November and competitions will be hold on the “Back Beach” in Vung Tau City. As was reported by Far East Branch of the Russian Federation of Surfing, dueContinue Reading