Pioneering Russian investment in offshore service business

Until recently private investments in rapidly developing economy of Vietnam were mostly concentrated in tourism, agricultural and light industry. The heavy industry, the oil & gas service sector has been mostly occupied by large industrial monsters. There are various kinds of affiliated companies or representative offices with headquarters outside Vietnam, but the private investments are scarce.

In September of 2010 a group of Russian professionals and their Vietnamese partners set up a private company – Pelican Co., Ltd. – in Vung Tau city. This is one of the rare privately invested oil & gas service companies offering navigation & positioning and survey services supporting the offshore drilling and construction activities, such as positioning during drilling rig move operations, pipelaying and underwater inspections, performance of seabed & bathymetry and geophysical site surveys.

The founders have been residing in Vung Tau for over a decade and settled in this beautiful seaside city. The location is perfect and the small team guarantees the flexibility in management as well as in operation. The office is strategically located in the vicinity of petroleum service ports enabling to use local resources.

Considering the lack of properly qualified Vietnamese specialists in this field the technical staff working in Pelican Co., Ltd. is invited primarily from Russia and from the countries in the SEA region like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and brings the best professional skills in performance of the projects.

Pelican Co., Ltd. has rendered its services to such companies as PTSC, PVD Invest, Salamander Energy, Cuu Long JOC, Mubadala Petroleum (Pearl Oil), Thang Long JOC, PVEP POC, JVPC, Mitra Energy in Vietnam and Allied Marine & Equipment in Malaysia, and is working on expanding the geography of the services to other countries of South East Asia.

The cooperation with leading providers of DGPS positioning systems, underwater acoustic tracking equipment, geophysical survey instruments, based in Singapore, guarantee fast delivery and quality service.

In 2012 the company has received the ISO 9001:2008 certification indicating its dedication to the quality.

Looking into the future Pelican actively invests into the new equipment, technologies and software in order to raise the level of the offered services in Vietnam’s market to the highest point.

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Vladislav Smetanin

5 Responses to Pioneering Russian investment in offshore service business

  1. Rosemary says:

    Pelican has qualified personnel and professional working style.

  2. John Sea says:

    Your lines of activity are same with Romona’ ones and Dmige’ ones, aren’t them?

  3. Alex Dobrov says:

    Not exactly. Romona and Dmige old-timers companies in Vung Tau. Pelican is a newcomer… young and nimble.
    Other difference – both Dmige and Romona have their own survey vessels. Pelican does not. And at last, Dmige never do navigation and positioning

  4. Vlad Smetanin says:

    Besides, we do not deal with Hi-Res 2D seismic, soil boring and shallow sampling…
    As for the vessels, well, it’s no uncommon nowadays to do surveys from customer’s duty or supply vessels. Someone has to occupy this niche. :)

  5. Hung Nguyen says:

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