Bia Hoi. Traditional Vietnamese beer and brewery.

On the North some calls it morning beer – “BIA SANG”, somewhere you can find a signboards – “BIA ONG” what means honey beer, but on the South and Central Vietnam usually just “BIA HOI” that means sparkling (gas) beer.
There are many legends and rumors around this beer. One of the legend says that this beer produced in villages at home and manually from rice and this beer can be drunk only during after some hours after brewing because there is no any preservatives.

We were trying to investigate this case and to find out all true about BIA HOI.

In Vung Tau, you can find bia hoi in many small café on street corners. Most of the places sell beer produced by company “BI VA”. Their brewery is located in Ba Ria City, its 20 minutes by car from Vung Tau.
We came there at Saturday morning with a friend who makes delivery of this beer to Vung Tau. Owners were not there and the security friendly let us came inside to make some pictures… and even more.
What is a striking first is that it is definitely not a small home production.

There were 16 huge tanks in one hangar and big raw materials store in other.

Tens of sacks with premium malt were stored there that confirms that this beer is made from malt as it should be and not from the rice as people say.

In the next hangar we have found huge wood-fired  furnace connected to the next hangar with many pipelines.

After brewing in furnace wort (the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing) by pipelines comes to the lager tanks where the  fermentation process will continue several weeks. All technological process is monitored through control room.

During this process wort foam carefully removing by brewery workers. They collect the foam in buckets, and its unknown what they do with a foam after.

When the beer ready experienced technologist makes first test… this time this most pleasant part of technological process has been entrusted to experienced beer drinker.


When this process had passed quality control beer fills in 20 liters tanks and quickly delivered to the customers as it can be stored in fridge maximum 3 days.

After completion of this investigation the following conclusions can be made:
1. Bia Hoi produced at the brewery (not at home);
2. Raw of the beer is malt (not a rice);
3. No any preservatives applied but beer can be stored in fridge up to 3 days (not some hours).

Viva Bi Va!

Dimon Buhloff


Old Man "Bia Hoi Club" Vung Tau

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  1. Vlad Smetanin says:

    Very teaching and interesting. Now it’s time to check Heineken brewery in Saigon for preservatives… :)

  2. Alex Dobrov says:

    Пейте дети Биа хой, будете здоровы!

  3. Andrey says:

    For your information Carlsberg beer is brewed under Vung Tau in Phu My industrial zone.. big factory there
    Hanoi Beer is also there

  4. Hannu Leskinen says:

    Can anyone help me find a contact of this beer brewery in Vung Tau?? Please :)

    You can send me email:

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