Jimmy Lewis Pays Visit to Beach Club

Last weekend we got a visit from Jimmy Lewis, a surf and SUP board leading shaper and a founder of a namesake surfing brand. Even though Jimmy lives in Hawaii, he often comes to Vungtau and visits our surf club, which happens to be the brand’s exclusive distributor. Every time Jimmy comes to Vietnam, he feels like he gets into a completely different world where he’s surrounded by only happy and kind people that he often shares his secrets and experiences with. Both surfing pros and newbies always come to listen to him and find out something new about the technology behind his boards that have been on the market since 1969.


This time he brought lots of useful things from our last order for the surf school and friends, which really sped up the whole process of delivery from the factory and we’d like to thank him for that. I was really taken aback by the fact that a person like Jimmy Lewis, who owns a company with a 40 year history and lots of distributors around the world, would remember about a long time torn traction pad on one of the rental SUP boards at our club and would bring a new one to replace it. I was really amazed and surprised by that, so I had nothing better to do than try to help him and get as much experience out of it as possible. Jimmy is in his sixties but he looks very young for his age. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that good during his visit but anyways we had a few rides and took some pictures. We are really looking forward to seeing him this winter in January.

Yarik Klokoff
Alexander Nemtsev

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  1. Dobrov says:

    Can I buy surf board of Jimmy Lewis brand in Vung Tau??
    Any surf shops in the city??

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