Hon Ba Mysterious Island

Hon Ba Mysterious Island


Mystery of Hon Ba Island in Vung Tau begins with its location. The only way to get there is taking the path which can be seen during the low tide. You should check the tide table on the following website link in advance: http://tides.mobilegeographics.com/calendar/month/6807.html

Lady Tempe, which was founded in 1781, has nothing to do with the war history of Vietnam. First thing that attracts your attention as soon as you reach an island – concrete bunkers with the signs of battles. They are the reminders of hard times for older generation in Vietnam.


There is no electricity and water system. It’s a small island with a small temple, but it’s definitely worth visiting. The atmosphere is truly unique and the view from the top of the island is stunning. Also you can enjoy a nice morning walk along the beach. Taking the steep stairs up will bring you to the mysterious temple on the top of the mountain.


The location of the island is also quite unusual. Splendid sea view, Small Mountain with Jesus Statue on it and Back Beach can be seen from its top. The Back Beach is famous for kite-surfing station, the only one in Vung Tau with European bar next to it http://www.vungtausurf.com/. It’s a perfect place for learning kite-surfing and surfing.

For locals the island can be interesting for Mieu Ba temple. Several English resources call it Lady Temple. It’s dedicated to goddess – patroness of sailors and fishermen.

The island might get too crowded on weekends and holidays. Many Vietnamese people from Saigon are coming to Vung Tau to honor the traditions and visit Hon Ba island.



Park your vehicle at the parking lot for 5.000 VND in the southern point of Back Beach. Strolling barefoot along the beautiful shore early in the morning, watching severe volcanic rocks will inspire you for the rest of the day. Don’t forget to enter the temple – it’s really a place of pilgrimage, very mysterious due to its ascetic interior.


Be ready to rocky road with sharp shells. Wear shoes which you’re not afraid to get wet. It’s possible to reach the island barefoot, but please be careful. Locals get oysters from those rocks leaving sharp shells to stick out. Hon Ba Island is a pretty romantic place. On the way back from the island wait for the backwater, it will give you unforgettable impression of spring brook.

The shore is full of colorful shells, so picking them up along the way can be great fun especially if you’re walking with the kids.


our short movie about Island here:


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