Jimmy Lewis boards in Vungtau Beach Club kite&surf school

Jimmy Lewis boards in Vungtau Beach Club kite&surf school


Why we prefer Jimmy Lewis boards?
I’ll answer you.
Here it is a picture with common details of construction.

I have been riding JL boards for the last 3.5 years and have been able to experience how they ride and react on the water, and I have been doing repairs on JL boards in our kite-surf-SUP school for the last 2 years so I’ve had a chance to see with my own eyes what is actually inside the boards and how they are made.

So, even if you know nothing about board construction, it’s easy to see that the boards are a hi-tech construction.

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Specifically this technology gives us the possibility to use the best boards: balanced, light weight, super durable to withstand punishing use in the surf. That’s not to mention that they are the best shaped boards that allow the rider the best performance. The boards we use in our school are the same boards that TOP riders use so you know that when you take lessons at out station you will not be a disadvantage in your learning because of poor equipment. With this equipment all of your natural skills will come out!!

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For example, a month ago there was a customer who had me repair his board (not a Jimmy Lewis board). The construction of the board was very simple construction, much like the construction of most of the cheap boards on the market today. This board had only a foam core and a plastic type shell over the board. The guy asked me to give him some tips on his paddling technique. His paddling technique wasn’t bad, it was his board that was bad, which caused him to think his skill wasn’t as good as it really was. I had given this guy his first surfing lessons so I knew his skill level and I could see that it was his board that was holding him back.

Of course any board will work to a certain extent. Even a door from your grandmother’s closet would WORK!! But not very well. Yes, GOOD boards are expensive, compared to cheap boards. But it might be worth the investment if you are serious about having FUN on the water rather than FIGHTING your board each time you go to the beach. Maybe save some of the money you spend on beer or other luxuries and use it for a GOOD board!!

Just think) No more)

And see you at the beach!!!!

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Kind regards,
Elena Kevrel

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