“Wings Lam Son Square” shopping center in Vung Tau

“Wings Lam Son Square” shopping center in Vung Tau

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New shopping center “Wings”  was opened in December in Lam Son district in Vung Tau.

“Wings” supposed to be the second modern superstore in the city after “Imperial Plaza”. This center will provide a larger choice of European style clothes, accessorizes and other goods.
That’s good news for all customers in the city especially for foreigners.

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Trade center has been split into 4 floors.
Underground floor has a comfortable parking with electronic card system.
1-st and 2-nd floor has very convenient shopping sections for men, woman and kids.
The last floor has a food court, bowling and game center for kids.

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Unfortunately, by the moment not all areas are occupied with the shops and some shops still have status “Opening soon”.  But within next months “Wings” planning to open more sections and boutiques.
Another minus is that shops still have only small size of clothes.

vung tau wings 2
For example I can’t find XXL t-shorts in men clothes sections or enough long dresses for tall people with height more than 170cm. But we hope soon they will change sizes in lines of products for foreigner and they will order more sizes very soon.

Elena Kevrel

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