New Japanese restaurant in Vung Tau

New Japanese restaurant in Vung Tau

Until recently there was only one Japanese restaurant in Vung Tau – UMI.

And because of being the only sushi restaurant in the city – its prices were quite high even for the sophisticated and spoiled customers such as expats. Besides, the quality of food, its taste and recipes were getting worse year by year.

Nevertheless, not that long ago the new Japanese restaurant Fuji was opened on Truong Cong Dinh Street. restaurant vung tau 1

The interior is quite simple, but neat and cozy. There’re some air conditioners as well.

The price for a sushi set varies from 400 000 to 1200 000 VND (14 pieces). Waiters try their best to please the customers – usually the place isn’t very busy.

restaurant vung tau 2
A very pleasant addition is the absence of the loud music, because European ears not always are ready to listen to modern Vietnamese singers.

Restaurant’s disadvantage would be it’s location – it’s right in the middle of a very narrow and busy street among many other Vietnamese restaurants. Also the number of tables is quite limited, the tables are mostly for 4 people. But on the other hand, this place is perfect for small groups of people. There are some fences between the tables. For bigger groups of people – there are bigger tables and chairs.

restaurant vung tau 3
When it comes to food, its quality here is also higher that at the other place mentioned above, but the sophisticated lovers of sushi and rolls would immediately see that the performance isn’t perfect even here.

If you are lovers of Japanese cuisine or locals who are looking for some change – we definitely recommend this place to you

Elena Kevrel

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  1. Rod 75 says:

    Agree , UMI is not good Japanese restaurant in Vung Tau
    Expensive, dirty, not testy

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