New Vung Tau – Hochiminh shuttle-buses

New Vung Tau – Hochiminh shuttle-buses

01 bus vungtau hcmc
The problems with transportation such as the absence of ferries that used to go from Vung Tau city to Saigon and back made life more difficult for many citizens.

There are very few alternative ways to get to Saigon, but they aren’t that convenient. You can go either by old bus that stops at every corner in every village or by a little bit faster shuttle-bus so-called “Chamomile” Hoa Mai (from Vietnamese translates as a flower). The shuttle-busses are fully packed with seats as well as with luggage of passengers who are going to the economical capital of the South of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh city.
Nevertheless, everything changed recently. Some VIP shuttle-busses appeared in Vung Tau city.
The current service is performed by Sagotour company.  The ticket costs 200 000 VND, that’s double the price of the regular shuttle-bus. But, let’s see what makes this service different to the other ones in Vung Tau.

02 bus vungtau hcmc
To book a seat at the shuttle-bus one can over the phone: at the office during the day time there’s always someone who speaks English fluently. 15 minutes before the agreed departure time the shuttle-bus will pick you up at your place or at any other address that you specified while booking.
There are only 7 seats in the passengers compartment and one seat is next to the driver.  The seats are soft and wide with comfortable arm rests. The seats are reclinable, also the footrests can be adjusted in such a way that the passenger can be almost lying down. There are some glass holders and there’s an USB outlet where any electronic gadget can be recharge during the trip. The distance between the seats is sufficient enough so even the tallest European could be comfortable sitting there.
06 bus vungtau hcmc
There’s also Wi-Fi at the passengers compartment that provides access to the Internet during the whole trip.

Gold running leopard on the side of coffee-colored vehicle – that’s the logo of the VIP shuttle-bus. It’s pretty much like Puma logo, but this one got claws and fangs.
05 bus vungtao hcmc
Time en route – 2 hours, the shuttle-bus sets off every hour from 5 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. if there’s at least one or two passengers.

The shuttle-bus arrives almost to the ferry station in District 1 in Saigon. In Vung Tau city you can get off at the specified address.

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  1. how

    much cost a shuttle beatween hcmc airport to vung tau???

    regards christer

  2. Nikolay says:

    shuttle beatween hcmc airport to vung tau cost 110 000 usd. it starts to go from domestic terminal of Tan Son Nhat airport.

  3. Зося says:

    Как можно заказать автобус -шатл с аэропорта Хошимина до отеля Вунг Тау

  4. Aloysius Mak says:


    I read Nikolay replied on Nov 2014.

    Can I confirm that Hoa Mai is running their limousine bus service directly from Saigon Domestic Airport to Vungtau? I am going to Vungtau on 6th Sep and if there is such service available I will not have to go to the city then catch a transport to Vungatu.

    By the way what is the cost for one-way and what is the departure schedule like?

    Whatever info will be greatly appreciated


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