Vung Tau Cannon Fort

Vung Tau Cannon Fort

The road to the now memorial artillery fort is picturesque but is only good for motorbikes and pedestrians. Sadly, a rare driver would risk taking the narrow turns and gravel road to the peak of Vung Tau Big Mountain.

Just there 100 meters above the sea level are located late 19th century (1885) French cannons almost untouched by time and installed there during the French colonial times.



The fort location was chosen ideally: the whole bay is visible from the peak. Along with the fortifications and bastions built on the neighboring smaller mountain the cannons made the town almost impregnable from the sea. This high point has been under attack numerous times and every army invading Vung Tau was striving to capture this strategically important outpost in the first place.


Today the huge cannons are silent on their podiums being overgrown by vegetation. The park is empty and quiet as if there have never been any barracks with soldiers or battles for the town.


Elena Kevrel

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