The casino will be located at a resort complex near the Ho Coc beach around 40 kilometers from Vungtau.

Asian Coast Development (Canada) Ltd. has received a “first of its kind” Investment Certificate from Vietnam Government with total investments more then 4,2 billions US dollars.

The works at the site have been started already and in 2013, the five-star MGM Grand Ho Tram plans to open its doors offering 550 luxury guest rooms, a spectrum of world-class restaurants and entertainment amenities, a conference centre, a retail area, a golf course designed by Greg Norman, and a fully operational Las Vegas-style gaming facility.



  1. hieu says:

    i want to know when casino it open?what month and what day?
    so I can reservation,also I do have MGM ,M LIFE PLAYERS CLUB ,
    SO PLEASES email me back when it open…

  2. admin says:

    Casino should be opened right before Tet Holidays. Tet starts at 9 of February 2013, so it sould be opened somewhere around beginning of February..
    You can contact their office in Ho Tram or in HCMC

  3. Alex Dobrov says:

    This is not a first casino in Vung Tau and certainly not the first in Vietnam, by the way. There are some in Vung Tau, one in Palace hotel – “Caesar” and one more in Petrohouse hotel – “Monte Carlo”…

    • admin says:

      Dear Alex.
      The article was about first LAS VEGAS STYLE CASINO in Vietnam.. not about first casino in Vung Tau or in Vietnam.
      Of course there are many casinos and casino resorts in Vietnam, but this one is completely different level and today there is no any similar projects in the country.

  4. Louis Cerceo says:

    PLEASE send employment INFO for CASINO FLOOR Jobs: Thank you, Lou Cerceo.

  5. admin says:

    to get information about employment in MGM Casino Resort you should contact them directly.
    Official contact information can find below:
    “MGM Grand Ho Tram Beach”
    Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Vietnam
    +84 64378 8888
    or write your request on their web site:

  6. Andrey E. says:

    NGM Casino in Vietnam???
    As I know local people cannot play casino in Vietnam. Its looks like huge and expensive project. How they are going to earn money? Only foreigners?

  7. Vanny Nguyen says:

    I live in the US but I would like to work there (MGM Grand Casino in Ho Tram). I have a 10 years experience of dealing the table games. Please let me know how do I get a job there.

  8. Nguyen Tran Dai ( Frankie Tanner ) says:

    Dear! my most beautiful place in Vietnam – Asian Coast Development Ltd. (MGM Grand Casino in Ho Tram)
    My name is Frankie Tanner , I’m 27, I’m Saigonese, I’m a people person, I love people and interested in helping and making people happy and I’m now working as a bartender for Q4 Saigon-Sound-System 7A Nguyen Tat Thanh, Dist.4, HCMC.
    Today, i’ve heard about you from a new friend of mine, to be honest I’m really interested in working for you as a Dealer in your Casino area, about this job sounds quite strange to me but i need to learn and getting more experiences, maybe your place can offer and grant me this opportunity to let me improve what the power in me and showing people where the love lives, also to raise up your company’s reputation to customers with the good impression about your staffs.
    Please, let me to let you know that before working for Q4 that i’ve been worked in many different places with all kind of different jobs as a host, waiter, travel agency office, tour guide and also a bartender. Most of all, I always work with foreigners and until now i can be confident to say that i can really understand and complete what my customers’ requirements.
    And now thanks so much for your time to consider my message and i hope you can make my dream come true, giving me a choice and a good position as i desire to have. Thanks again.
    Frankie Tanner
    Nguyen Tran Dai

  9. Paul Harkema says:

    My wife and I are planning to move back to Vietnam , as she is from Vung Tau,and would like to apply to any job that is available,how do we get info of jobs that are available.

    Thank You for your time

    Paul & Thuy Harkema

  10. Terry,+85,84933647 says:

    hi, may i know how to apply casino position,now I work cruises line casino in singapore.

  11. Lan G. says:

    I was in this Casino (the Grand – Ho Tram Resort) last week. Its really great place, at least in Vung Tau I dont know anything better. I see many people asking about getting position there, and I think its not so easy. I did not see any foreigners working at the table there. Although casino in Vietnam only for foreigners, foreigners cannot work at the table..

  12. Владимир says:

    Согласен со всеми постами выше. Это самое лучшее казино не только в Вунгтау (в Вунг тау всего 3 казино), но и во всем Вьетнаме.
    Во-первых отель The Grand. Это настоящие 5 звезд без натяжки. Все сделано на 5. Я видел много 5 звезд, этот отель соответсвует пятерке на все 100.
    Во-вторых это единственное казино во Вьетнаме, где разрешена игра на настоящих столах (не електронных). Это касается карточных игр и рулетки.

  13. А. Т. says:

    Да, проект впечатляет. Я был в 2005 году в казино в Хайфонге, тогда это было самое большое казино во Вьетнаме. Сейчас, насколько я понимаю, казино MGM Grand самое большое, и сейчас построили только часть, это только 1/3 от всего проекта

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