One of the best place to spend week-end with the family and friends is “Cloud
Lake Cultural and Eco-tourism Park” on the Big Mountain in Vungtau. It’s easy and
comfortable to reach the park using the modern cable car (well-known in the
world safety “Doppel Mayer” system). While a way up and down you find a
beautiful view of Vung Tau Bay and the City. We recommend to visit this park
in the second part of day to catch a sunset on the way back. Small open
wagons get you to the central place of a park with the fairground
attractions, amusement rides and other recreational facilities.
The same way from cable it’s can be easily done by walking up to the hill no more than
a hundred yards.

In a small amusement park there are some carousels, merry-go-round,
whirligig, swings, slides, mechanical sledges, either for kids and children
or for adults. There is also a small zoo.

One of the popular sights here is the monument of seated Buddha with a
little sanctuary. On the way there you can see the sculptures of different
incarnations of Buddha.

For those who love eco-tourism there are a lot of pleasure grounds, rock
gardens, avenues, paths, decorative waterfall in the park. You also can rent
catamarans made in the form of swans in a small pond near this waterfall.
For guests who wants to meet the sunset a special camp with a few tents in
the middle of the forest on one of the slopes is organized.

Several restaurants and cafes offer visitors refreshments, sweets and a
variety of dishes.
Because of location of park – on the highest mountain in Vung Tau – there is
always cool, gentle breeze on one of its slopes and good conditions for
sunbathe on another. Ponds, small waterfalls and trees give freshness and

Buying tickets for the cable car do not forget to take a map of the park. It
outlines all the sights and attractions are scattered over its territory and
the most convenient routes of walks.

Prices in the park – more than democratic. Return ticket for the cable car costs 200,000 VND. Tickets for children’s attractions – 10,000 VND, the mechanical sled – 30,000 VND.

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  1. tourareas says:

    Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism Portal of Vung TAu,
    so it will be a better information’s for me. Try to post best informations like this always

    • Janine Liolios says:


      I would like to know if it is possible to visit Ho May Eco Tourism Park in Vung Tau on May the 2nd between 09.00 AM and 06.00 PM. We are currently doing research about (tourist) experiences in Vietnam, in the area of Ho Chi Minh City.
      Is it possible to Zipline at Ho May Eco Tourism Park? And can anybody please tell us more about the park or maybe the link between Eco Tourism?

      If it is possible we would like to get in touch with the manager of the park, for further information.
      We glady would like to visit Vung Tau and the Ho May Eco Tourism Park to include it in a social media plan for research for a Dutch touroperator.

      For further questions you can contact me any time.

      Thank you for your time and help in advance,

      Isabelle Loonen & Janine Liolios

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