The only beach bar in the City.
Beach style bar with good music, plenty of surf cocktails, barbecue and light food.
Parties every weekend.
Open from 9 am till late (weekend usually non stop).

Address: Back Beach, Ocean Park (KDL Bien Dong), Gate 2, Vung Tau City (opposite Sammy Hotel)
tel: (064) 3526101

offshore 2

OFFSHORE BARS 1, 2 and 3 ****

The Offshore Hotel and Bars group was founded in 2008 by an English expatriot and operate three hotels and bars, to date.  The hotels are right in the middle of the resort town’s vibrant entertainment district and conveniently located just 150 meters from the beach. 

Offshore hotel and bars are great places to meet and socialize with your friends and colleagues. Conduct business meetings in comfort or enjoy the sights and sounds of the local community.  With the Offshore company motto ‘All for the Customer’, our friendly and professional staff strive to give our customers and guests the best possible service at all times..

Open from 7am-late and happy hour everyday between 9am-5pm.
Address: 02-04 Hoang Dieu Street, Vung Tau

tel: 093 233 7146


One of the most famous bar in the City.

Good style, good music, cold beer, pool table and plenty of girls make perfect atmosphere there.

Open from 8 pm till late.

Add.: Le Quy Don Street, Vung Tau


Newly reconstructed one of the oldest bar in the City.

Big screen, disco music, fresh design and wide choice of drinks.

Open from 8 pm till late.

Add.: Ly Tu Trong Street, Vung Tau City


One of the oldest and most popular night club in Vung Tau located right in the center of the City.

Address: 34A Ly Tu Trong Street, Vung Tau City

SS CLUB ****

Night club, disco. New and quite popular disco in Vungtau.

House/disco mixes. Good light and quality sound. For our opinion this Club with one of the best service in the City.

Open from 8 pm till 2 am.

Free entrance.

Add.: Quang Trung Street, Vung Tau City


Cosy place for pool and beering.

Open from 8 am till late.
Address: 52 Hoang Hoa Tham, Vung Tau


Add.: Tran Hung Dao Street, Vung Tau City

49 Responses to Bars

  1. John Dolan says:

    Where to begin???? Purple Night { My fav}, Sailing, VTV 9, Hot Gossip { Charming and Very Dashing new Owner}, Harley Davisons, Enigma, Anchor, Rosies, MK2, Ned Kellys one and 2. Black Pearl, Offshore one and 2, Black Cat, Bj’s, Mc Callum’s, VFB, BB’s, Chi Chi’s, Butterfly, Hole in the Wall { Former Waltzing Matilda}, the list goes on!

    • jhenson says:

      I”m from Louisiana U.S. was at the red parrot several nights during my trip march and april of this 2011… have too admit I enjoyed my time there completely…. hell I enjoyed all my time in asia…. can’t wait to get back there

  2. Andy Ken says:

    Any good bars in Vungtau around COOP Mart area??

  3. Leon K says:

    There is no any good one, even any… May be only Kozak, not so far.
    Dont be lazy , take a taxi to Nguyen Chai street ))

  4. Graham says:

    Hey does anyone have a Link to the Bar the Offshore bar No 1
    What is it like to stay in the Offshore bar for a couple of Days

    I work offshore Inspection.

    Regards Graham

    In Vung Tau end of April

  5. Saltyseamen says:

    Offshore is ok… Cam Tu hotel or Lam Son are better but to be honest most cheap hotels in Vung Tau are very good and close to the center. You’ll be spoilt for choice and never far away from a decent bar.


  6. Jimmy1978 says:

    From offshore to Offshore ))
    Whats funny in Offshore Bar?? Never heard about this place

  7. Jenny says:

    Never hear about offshore bar? Where is it?

    • jeff tan says:

      maybe he mention about MK bar…. cause MK write they for offshore……. cheer… but can feel that vietnam vung tau totally a boring place….

  8. Jenny says:

    Where is Cam Tu and Lam Son hotel?

  9. John Mac Millan says:

    Hey young and valiant John Dolan, Ijust heard about this site last night and your kind comments re Hot Gossip Bar. “Charming and very dashing new owner” I am flattered but what happened to ” Young and slim” …. Oh well I guess we can’t have everything.
    John Mac M

  10. vungtausurf says:

    Lam Son hotel located on Le Ngoc Han street.. not far from Lam Son dog racing stadium

  11. Jenny says:

    Thank you.

  12. Great to see that Vung Tau is Getting even more Night Life and the sailing club in Nha Trang is OK but not Fantastic so Good Luck to The New Beach Bar in Vung Tau.

    Aloha Mark Scott

  13. Nam says:

    Daison Imported wine shop
    44 Trung Trac St., Vung tau City.
    Tel: +84 64 3586 111

  14. Maxim says:

    Anybody know good bar near Sea View buildings or Lake Side, Chi Linh residential area?

  15. Ken Oath says:

    HI, I will be in the port for half a day with my ship, can you suggest a bar/resto close to the port that I can hang at for a few hours around lunch time please? I want to stay close to the port, not time to go to the front beach area.


  16. Boomer says:

    Which port exactly you are coming to? There are many ports in Vung tau – PTSC, Vietsovpetro Port etc.
    Actualy there is no any good places near port area. Take a taxi and go to the city. Vung Tau is a small town, can reach any place within 10 minutes.
    If you are coming day time you can go to “Bellys”, “9” or “Vungtau Beach Club”… other places closed in the morning
    At night there are many bars and restaurants on the Front beach

  17. guy says:

    hey guys…
    i’m in vung tau this weekend (1st and 2nd Oct) and I’m keen to see the NRL Grand Final on Sunday afternoon. I know there’s a few bars in Saigon that get Setanta cable sports channel which carries it, but not sure about Vung Tau…. does anyone have any ideas…?

  18. vungtausurf says:

    Sure you can watch NRL Grand Final in Vung Tau. You can go to Belly’s bar or Offshore Bar. Probably somewhere else.
    Belly’s bar located on Ha Long street and Offshore Bar somewhere near REx hotel

  19. Mishka says:

    Does anybody know good bar in Vung Tau without girls and consume .. just a quite place with cold beer and good music..

  20. Boomer says:

    Hey Mishka! Try these bars:
    “The Corner Bar” .. new place on the corner of Nguyen Trai and Quang Trung street
    “Belly’s Bar and restaurant” on Ha Long Street
    “Vung Tau Beach Club” on the Back Beach
    “Kozak Bar and restaurant” in commercial center

  21. Maxim says:

    I would recommend “The hole in the Wall” Bar as well. Its on Nguyen Du street.

    • Colleen says:

      Matildas Pub run by Australians where you can get cold beers, good music and a relaxed atmosphere. 6 Nguyen Du Vung Tau (old hole in the wall and waltzing matilda)

  22. Maxim says:

    Does anybody can help to find article “Vung Tau, Vietnam, Pleasure Capital of the World” ??
    Article was published in 1969 or 1970 in “Argosy” Magazine. Maybe some one still keep a copy?

  23. kevin bassett says:

    Matildas is great. Cold beer and relaxing with good food. Highly recommended.

  24. Graham says:

    What is a girl friendly hotel in vung tau that will allow you to bring a girl back to your room without drama or extra pament?


  25. jeff tan says:

    any one in vung tau vietnam now…. maybe we can come out together have a cup of drink here…. just email me…… cheer

  26. jack says:

    agree that the worst bar in the city of Vung Tau – Vietnam-Australian “Ned Kelly” pub. Very dirty, rotten food, tuleta not, prices are higher than in other bars. Unsanitary conditions. Rudeness. No music! I know that the waitress has infected many venereal boleznyui continues to work! Who in Australia is sending tourists to dine here – commits a crime! Transfer of the travel company that it will end badly! Do not go to this bar!

  27. Alex says:

    All begin from Whispers and KK’ bars – all girls came from Hollywood dancing. It was perfect time mid 90-s)))

    • H says:

      I used to worked in KK’s Bar in Vung Tau which was owned by Ms Ngoc..
      “all girls come from Hollywood dancing?!” really? too much beer perhaps? You make me laugh though.

      Have a great X-Mas!

    • Andrey E. says:

      KK bar in mid 90-s???
      KK bar in Vung Tau was opened not long time ago… in 2005 I think. Before there was Wild Horse bar and restaurant.

      • John Dolan says:

        Your thinking of MK.. KK’s was mid 90’s own by a Norwegian offshore fishing hand called ” KK”.

        • Alexander says:

          Norwegian guy – Kwetil Kvam. He died on late 90s. Mid 90s – best time in VT. Ardvid still alive or not?))

  28. addewerpite says:

    Хочу заказать рекламу у вас, куда писать?

  29. Mikey L says:

    Interesting article about Vung tau girly bars I found here:

  30. alex d. says:

    Are there any REAL casino in Vung tau?? Not e-casino like in Palace or Petrohouse.

    • Andrey says:

      MGM Grand Casino (Ho Tram Strip Resort) is an only real casino in Vung Tau I think. Its about 30 km from Vung Tau. Near Ho Coc beach

  31. David L Cunningham says:

    Does anyone know John, who runs Cafe Bai.Need his email.

  32. Andrey says:

    Hey guys!
    Could you update info about bars in Vung Tau??
    Hollywood East Night Club already change the name, as I know
    Tommy’s bar on Ha Long was closed long time ago
    Red parrot bar was moved somewhere …. etc

    • Mikie H says:

      Red Parrot is still in the same location but is to move into the new building which is adjacent to it now. The Red Parrot shop has closed.There are now more bars down the strip, Summer Wine has changed its name to Paddy’s run by Ms Mai and Jerry. Mermaid Restaurant which used to be in the Summer Wine bar has now got the name Summer Wine

  33. Tj says:

    BLACK PEARL at 64 Ha Long str…good decoration of a pirate ship model with a good live music and sexy dance.
    BLUE MOON at 2 Nguyen Du
    CHI CHI bar at 7B Ba Cu
    STARS club at 169 Thùy Vân
    O3 club at 1A Trần Phú (underground of cable car building)

  34. Madsen says:

    was wondering about Hot Gossip is still open and about anybody had some contact info to the bare. Phone number or email.

  35. Tuyet Lam says:

    Very nice. I wish I can come there once. Vietnamese ladies are stunning and appealing. Vietnamese women are the most stunning women on this planet. Vietnamese women are thin and small. OK, some Western guys complain about too skinny Vietnamese ladies but they are beautiful. Also, most Vietnamese wives are submissive, which is an excellent trait. There are many Western men pursuing to marry Vietnamese ladies.

  36. Dima says:

    ANCHOR BAR at 164 Thuy Van street, behind Imperial Hotel. (Tourism market)
    Best smoked fish in town, Western music, open till late, interesting design.
    Also have huge real anchor from ship :)

  37. Ivan says:

    I want to find just good bar in Vung Tau. With good music, drinks , barmen can talk .. and with no girls pls!

  38. does anyone know email for vip secret bar vung tau says:

    great bar

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