City Public Transportation



ferry service suspended!

Tel:+8464 3816308
Price for one ticket on weekdays VND 200.000 ($9)
Price for one ticket on weekend VND 2̀50.000 ($12)

Saigon – Vung Tau
Vung Tau – Saigon

Tel:+848 38218189
Price for one ticket on weekdays VND 200.000 ($9)
Price for one ticket on weekend VND 2̀50.000 ($12)

Saigon – Vung Tau
Vung Tau – Saigon

Tel: +848 38297892
Price for one ticket on weekdays VND 200.000 ($9)
Price for one ticket on weekend VND 2̀50.000 ($12)

Saigon – Vung Tau
Vung Tau – Saigon

* travel time 1 hour 20 minutes
* departure time marked out with red color valid for weekends and public holidays

* departure time marked out with blue color valid for Monday only


Buses depart from Vung Tau every 15-20 minutes
from bus station on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia or

from Hoa Mai bus station on 24 Trung Trac

from 6 am till 7 pm
Price for one ticket around VND90.000 ($8)


Buses depart from HCMC every 15-20 minutes
from Mien Dong bus station on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Binh Thanh District or
Hoa Mai bus station on 44 Nguyen Thai Bình, Q1
from 6 am till 7 pm
Price for one ticket around VND90.000 ($8)

* travel time 1 hours 50 minutes





49 Responses to City Public Transportation

  1. Ruth Haddon says:

    i cannot find a date on these timetables. Are they for 2011?

  2. vungtausurf says:

    Table was updated in Decemeber 2010 and schedule still valid for 2011.

  3. Ruth Haddon says:

    Is bus trip back from Vungtau pleasant? How long does it take? is fare quoted on Hydrofoil one way or return. Does public bus in Vungtua go to sites like base of steps of jesus statue and white House?

  4. Vungtausurf says:

    Bus goes about 2 hours (sometimes 2 hours and half). Its not much pleasant as go by ferry.
    Fare on Hydrofoil quoted for one way trip.
    There is no public buses to Jesus Statue and White House but you can easy go by taxi, by motobike or just walk… its a small City

  5. Martin R says:

    I’ve noticed a public bus number 22 around town occasionally. Is there anywhere I can get timetables and any other information for this and/or any other public buses within Vung Tau City itself?

  6. Max says:

    Hello, I know 3 public buses.
    №4 №6 №22.
    Everytime I use №6, which goes to center and then to the beach.Its last station is situated near Beach Club such as bus №22.
    Tomorrow I will try get a timetable and share here.

  7. Jan Trainer says:

    Is there a free shuttle bus from Phu My port (we are arriving on Sun Princess Cruise ship) to Vung Tau and does anyone know the times it runs thanks?

  8. vungtausurf says:

    As I know there usually buses from tourist agencies.. specially to bring tourists from Phu My Port to Vung Tau. It was before, not sure have now. Its better if you check with you agent.
    Also you can go by taxi, the distance to Vung Tau abou 40 km and I think it will cost around 30 usd.

  9. Owen Clark says:

    No problems getting to Vung Tau but how can I get a bus from there to Binh Chau resort. Where would the bus leave from-when would the last bus be etc?

  10. Diah says:

    Does anyone know if it is allow to bring bicycle on board the hydrofoil?

  11. Alex D. says:

    Do not recommend to anybody to go by Greenlines ferry boats. All boats are very old (more then 30 years I suppose), dirty and not good air-conditioned.
    If have chance better take other boat (Petroexpress, Vinaexpress, Mekong)

  12. Peter says:

    Hello all
    I would like to know if there are busses from Vung Tau to Long Hai or would we need to use a taxi and what should the cost be
    thanks Peter .

  13. admin says:

    Yes, have buses from Vung Tau to Long Hai. You can go to bus station on Nam ky khoi nghia street and take bus there. Very Easy

  14. Peter says:

    Thank you for the information regarding busses

  15. alex d. says:

    Are there any car rent service in Vungtau? Need one car for long term rent…

  16. Dobrov says:

    check FOR RENT page … there some ads about car rent in Vung Tau
    Also have some private persons in Vungtau who give cars for rent

    • Denis says:

      Yes, they have cars for rent in Vung Tau and Mui Ne and for long term also. Company name Ruvico Vietnam. Located in Vung Tau, on Ha Long street opposite ferry terminal.

  17. Leslie says:

    is this timetable still valid in 2013? may i know can i buy the ticket and depart from Ben Tau Canh Ngam terminal? thanks.

  18. admin says:

    yes, timetable is valid. Was updated in April 2013.

  19. erna says:

    Am in Hcm right now. I’d like go there tmrow morning before my flight back at 18.00 pm. Please give me dome information what taxi i should take, where i get it. n how much cost for 1 trip for the taxi. It is possible if the taxi wait for me and it be return to ferry harbour? I only goes to Statu of Jesus. Many thanks for your reply n info. Regards,

  20. admin says:

    If you go from HCMC Airport to ferry terminal it will cost maximum 10 usd. Ferry from HCMC to Vung Tau goes 1 hour 20 minutes and ticket cost 9 usd one way. The best taxi in Saigon and Vung Tau now is VINASUN and MAI LINH. In Vung Tau ferry terminal you can take PETROTAXI, VINASUN or MAI LINH. Now need to ask taxi to wait you. Near Jesus Statue always are many taxi, or even you can wlak along the beach, it will take 15-10 minutes.
    You can see map of Vung Tau here:

  21. Seow says:

    Checking if there’s any website that i could book the ferry ticket in advance? As i was thinking once i travel, reach HCM 1st thing is to travel straight down to Vung Tau. Is that a good idea?

  22. Andrey F. says:

    The only one website you can make booking ferry from Saigon to Vung tau is:
    All other companies (Greenlines and Petroexpress) do not support this service.

  23. Andrey F. says:

    You can go straight to Vung Tau from Hochiminh after arrival, its very easy.
    Boats go each hour. If can choose between companies better take VINAEXPRESS or PETROEXPRESS.
    Try to avoid GREENLINES, as their boats very old and dirty.

  24. Sue says:

    Can anyone tell me if there another English School apart from SIS in Vung Tau. The fees are very expensive.Any other info would be great

  25. Jason says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get a bus from Vung Tau to Mui Ne?

  26. Bas ( cyclist) says:

    We are wondering if there is a ferry that runs between Vung Tau and Con Gia (Can Thanh) at the other side of the water ( west of Vung Tau). If so from which jetty will it be leaving and is there an approximate timetable.
    If it exists it would be a great opportunity to cycle through the mangroves back to HCMC.
    A prompt reply is much appreciated as we will roll into Vung Tau tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance.


  27. BrettP says:

    Does anyone have any info on if the ferries are back up and running from HCM to VT? Was thinking of heading there over Tet to have a look but can’t find info if they are back running or still shut done.


  28. Rikko says:

    Hi, I want to catch a bus from Saigon to Vung Tau (on a weekday, next week). My sister-in-law said that we should “register” our names first (book) before the day? Is this necessary, or just go to the bus station on the day, noticing that buses leave every 15 to 20 minutes? Also, if necessary, where would I go to book? And is it the same for the return journey back to Saigon? Many thanks, Rikko

  29. Rikko says:

    Hi, can someone please let me know as soon as possible if it is necessary to book seats on the bus from Saigon to Vung Tau, or can we just turn up at the bus station and take the next bus? If I need to book, can I do this by phone, or what should we do? Is it the same coming back from Vung Tau? Any info much appreciated, thank you.

  30. Rikko says:

    Hi, anyone know if it’s necessary to book for seats on the buses from Saigon-Vung Tau? Or can we just turn up at the bus station/s in Saigon and wait for the next available bus? Thanks, Rikko

  31. Andy Van Nguyen says:

    Hi.No need to book. Just come to the bus station and go.
    Buses leave Saigon to Vung Tau every 15 minutes.
    In HCMC have several bus station. Most comfortable go by “Hoa Mai”, buses start to go from city center (near Ben Thanh Market), or you can take a bus to Vung Tau right from Tan Son Nhat airport – all buses parked near domestic terminal, and you can easy find by logo – “JetStar” or “Vietnamairlines” painted on the bus body

    • Rikko says:

      Many thanks Andy, I eventually went to the Hoa Mai office and checked with them already. Just to let anyone else know, the fares over Tet holidays are a lot dearer, up from VND50K to VND130K+ not sure about weekend increases, which I guess is fairly typical of increased charges over New Year in VN? Cheers, Rikko :-)

  32. Greg says:

    How can I find out the routes and possibly schedules of public buses within Vung Tau? (I’ve noticed a question and a promise about this above.)
    Thanks a lot.

  33. erni says:


    I’m planning to go VT on 9th Jul(nxt week) from SGN via Vinaexpress.Read from the past posts that boats are being repaired on feb,so can i still go ?

    Also,i hv to buy SGN-VT-SGN at the ferry boat station in SGN,isnt it?

    Kindly advise,thanks.

  34. vn cars says:

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  35. Gideon Theart says:

    Good day

    Is the ferrys running again from Saigon to Vung Tau?

  36. Вова says:

    Nobody can answer yet when ferry from/to VungTau will run again.
    Now everybody go by buses or by car

  37. Nikolay says:

    We have ferries back again.. but only 2 times everyday, hope will have more soon. also can go by bus HOA MAI. Every 10 minutes, the have VIP shuttles now .. just 1 hour 30 minutes from Saigon city center to Vung tau

  38. terry says:

    What company has the ferry to VT ?

  39. elephant says:

    Can you please give more details what are the timing for the ferries? And where to get the information about VIP shuttle? Thank you.

  40. Wendy Common says:

    We will be arriving in Vung Tau at port Phu My on 13 April 2015 on Diamond Princess. Please advise timetable of the Hydrofoils and can you please tell us how we can get from the port to the Hydrofoil? Thank you for your time.

  41. Lilyudha says:

    Hi, do I need to buy the hydrofoils ticket day before I go to Vung Tao? I will arrive Ho Chi Minh on evening. Is the ticketing office still open?

  42. carlliz says:

    We will be arriving in ho chi minh airport on 12 june 2015, 2100hour. .please advice what are the timing for the ferries to vung tau city?

  43. huynh says:

    Can anyone tell us if there are taxis for hire at the Phu My Port for cruise ship passengers?
    we wish to go from Phu My port to Thu Duc, Hochiminh City and back the same day.

  44. admin says:

    There are many taxi in Phu My Port. Or you can order car with driver (can be English speaking) in advance.
    We recommend to order car, it will be much more cheaper and reliable

    If need help to book a car – contact to

    From Phu My you can go to Hochiminh City (80 km) or Vung Tau (40 km)

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