City Hospitals and Medical Centers


International SOS Vung Tau

Address: 1 Le Ngok Han, Vungtau City, Vietnam

Clinic appointments: (064) 3-858-776
24/7 Alarm Center:  (064) 3-858-776

Most of the patients of the Vung Tau SOS International clinic are corporate members who have International SOS membership and have purchased an annual comprehensive prepaid program (Corporate Medical Plan Plus) that covers the cost of unlimited medical services as listed below.

* physician consultation
* daytime emergency care and minor surgical procedures
* routine laboratory testing, including basic hematological tests, biochemical analysis of blood and urine
* routine diagnostics x-rays and electrocardiography
* unlimited consultations for diagnosis and treatment
* preventive medical visits, including routine prenatal care up to 34 weeks
* well child care and annual health examinations for adults
* routine medications and disposable medical items
* arrangement of medical evacuation and medical repatriation.

Patients who need to be transferred to Ho Chi Minh City in case of emergency situations are either brought by helicopter (medical evacuation from off-shore oil rigs) or via ambulance.

Routine and emergency care facilities and services include:

* fully equipped ambulance
* general practice consultations
* vaccinations
* wellness checks
* fully equipped emergency room complete with electronic monitoring and resuscitation equipment
* on-site emergency team available 24 hours per day 365 days per year
* in-patient facilities
* house calls
* emergency evacuations and repatriations.

MEDICOAST Hospital Vung Tau

Address: 165 Thuy Van Street, Vungtau City, Vietnam

Reception: (064) 3-521-183

The 2,400-square-foot medical center offers following services:

* Dental care
* Orthodontics
* Obstetrics and gynecology
* Ear/eye/throat
* Psychology
* Internal and external medicine
* Chiropractic services
* Physical medicine
* Neurology
* Family practice
* Gastroenterology
* Ultra sound
* Pediatrics
* Rehabilitation
* Nutrition
* Pharmacy

All doctors have an average of 10 – 15 years of working experience in major hospitals in Vietnam and overseas, and have been carefully selected to ensure all patient needs are met. The Medicoast clinic is supported directly by the University Medical Center HCMC, Cho Ray Hospital, and Hung Vuong Hospital.

Most of the doctors can speak Vietnamese, English, French and Japanese and specialize in areas such as pediatrician, cardiologic, gynecologist, obstetrician.

12 Responses to City Hospitals and Medical Centers

  1. Gerard Gunn says:

    Hi. Do you undertake scelotherapy for larger bulging varicose veins. If so I can send pictures. Thanks

  2. Roy Zegers says:

    I am acting on behalf of a Vietnamese national whom I wish to receive treatment at your hospital for which i am willing to pay the costs involved.
    Do you allow this?


    Roy Zegers

  3. Dimo Dimkov says:

    I need to know what kind of blood tests for sexualy transfered deseases you make. Do you have for HIV and how much cost this one and all the others.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Alexis Drummond says:

    I need to know what kind of blood tests for sexualy transfered deseases you make. Do you have for HIV and how much cost this one and all the others.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Andrey says:

    this blood tests in Vung Tau you can make in Vietsovpetro Hospital (address 02 Pasteur), or in SOS International
    In SOS more expensive

  6. Alexis Drummond says:

    Thanks for the response. Do you know if the test is confidential and do you have more information about Vietsovpetro? thanks

  7. Andrey says:

    you can write any name, nobody care. The is one more hospital in Vung Tau – Le Loi, but nobody speak English there. Also you can go to French-Vietnamese hospital in District 7 in HCMC. They do quick, profeccional but too expensive ..

  8. Kate says:

    Can anybody help me with advise?
    Experienced Russian-speaking doctor (pediatrician and gastroenterologist) is looking for position in on of VungTau’s hospital for a long term from August-October.
    Please, give me some contacts.

    • Andrey says:

      In Vung Tau you can try to contact to Vietsovpetro Hospital (owned by Russian-Vietnamese Joint Venture Vietsovpetro). But I think it will be not so easy to get any position there. Hospital has many Russian doctors, but all of them came to work by contract with Vietsovpetro
      Other hospitals (like Le Loi nd other) do not need any foriegner doctors
      Also you can try French-Vietnamese Hospital (FVH) in Hochiminh City

  9. Nikka says:

    Not experienced doctors and overprice rates!

    This hospital sucks

  10. Nikolay says:

    Nikka, which hospital you are talking about?? French-Vietnamese Hospital (FVH) in Hochiminh City..
    agree about overprice rates, not agree about not experienced doctors…

  11. Luis Duarte says:

    Dear Sir

    Mt wife have paranoia .Was already diagnostic by a psychologist in HCHM. We leave in Vung Tau and she need to be treated . She is Vietnamese. Have you one psychologist that can attend us and verify the problem and make a convenient therapy with regularly visits to doctor to minimize the problem ? The doctor must be Vietnamese because her English is not suitable for a treatment for this kind of problem
    Thank you

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