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Surf Center *****

The only fully equipped surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing station in the City.
Equipment for rent, lessons with certified instructors.
Open from 9 am till 6 pm.
Surf boards for rent from 5$/hour.

Address: Thuy Van Street, KDL “Bien Dong”, Gate 2 “Vungtau Beach Club”.
Opposite Sammy Hotel
Tel. 064-3526-101

email: vungtausurf@mail.com


Jesus Christ Statue *****

The unique Statue of Jesus Christ is situated on the top of “Small Mountain”.
This is second world largest Jesus Statue. You can climb up by stair that starts from the cape between Back Beach and Banana Beach.
Open from 7 a.m. till 5 p.m.
Free entrance.

Address: Ha Long Street.


St. Maria Statue ***

Big Statue of St.Maria with a child and big Catholic complex is situated opposite Mulberry Beach under the “Big Mountain”.
Open from 7 a.m. till 6 p.m.
Free entrance.

Address: Tran Phu Street.


The Worldwide Arms Musem*****

The only in the country “Worldwide Arms Museum” owned and managed by English – Vietnamese family. Unique collection of cold steel and firearms collected from around the globe and a lot of mannequins dressed in military uniforms will make great impression to anybody.

Open everyday from 9am till 6 pm.
Ticket: 50.000 VND
Address: 14 Hai Dang, Ward 2, Vung Tau City
Email: roberttaylorvic@gmail.com


“Sky Park” on The Big Mountain***

Recently opened first in the City 500 meters long cable car line connects Front beach with a top of Big Mountain.
New park with pine trees forest, lake, waterfall, small zoo, camping and several café and restaurants is available for visitors everyday.
Enter ticket 100.000 VND
Ticket includes cable car and free buggy tour around park

Address: Front beach, Tran Phu Street, Vung Tau


Greyhound Racing *****

Every Saturday at 19.00. The only greyhound racing place in Vietnam. The only legal gambling place in Vietnam.
Before each race, each attendant walked out with a dog, showed them off and the spectators could see the condition of each dog before they placed their bets.
Enter ticket 25.000 VND

Address: Le Loi Street, Lam Son Stadium


Spa Center in Palace Hotel ****

By our opinion one of the best spa with reasonable prices.
Sauna, steam room, hot mineral water tub, hot and cold water jacuzzi, swimming pool, massage.
Everything is for just 10$ ticket with no time limit.
Body massage usually lasts 1 hour and tips for beautiful masseuse (50.000-100.000 VND) are recommended.
Very popular place between local expats and tourists as well.
Open from 12 am till 11 pm

Address: 1 Nguyen Trai, Vung Tau City


“Surf Bar” – Vungtau Beach Club *****

The only beach bar in the City.
Beach style bar with good music, plenty of surf cocktails, barbecue and light food.
Parties and live music every weekend. Open from 9 am till late.

Address: Thuy Van Street, KDL “Bien Dong”, Gate 2, “Vungtau Beach Club”.
Tel. 064-3526-101
email: vungtausurf@mail.com




Don’t know what to do in Vung Tau? Take off your ass from chair and visit our Surf bar and TakeOff surf school! Be active, don’t waste your life-time! Join our surfers community, enjoy sea waves with the surf board!
Rental price: 8 USD per 1 hour, 20 USD per 1 day. 1 hour of lesson – 40 USD. Full course of surfing for beginners:  3 hours – 100 USD
Vungtau Beach Club, 08 Thuy Van, Back Beach (opposite Sammy hotel)
Tel: 01223891996 Anna, email: vungtabeachclub@gmail.com


43 Responses to Where to Go

  1. Henry says:

    Spa in Palace Hotel quite good but looks old already
    Spa center in Petrohotel (new hotel near Lam Son stadium) much more fresher and better equipped..
    One problem both places have too much compulsive service .. especially service boys with their maniacal attempts to help in everything, even in taking off your underwear :o

  2. Alan Walker says:

    If you are visiting the Mary & Baby Jesus round in Strawberry Beach bay you may like to give Vung Tau Yacht Club at 33 Tran Phu a try. You can eat, drink, stay (hotel/long term residence). A hidden treasure and a nice place for a romantic sunset while sipping a cold beer… Cheers! Alan

    • Maxim says:

      Any progress in Vungtau Marina project? I saw the master plan of marina and yacht club on your website – it looks impressive

  3. KJR says:

    We stopped there a few weeks ago for a drink and were told to go away! i dont think we will be returning any time soon.

  4. Max says:

    i’ve lived in Vietnam since i was 26 (30 now). The Vietnamese people have trouble understanding that western people know how to do things for themselves, i’m quite sure they are under the impression that we all have slaves that wipe out bums for us back in our countries or origin. When I explain to people i was homeless as a teenager, they simply call me a liar. I am now a qualified teacher and have been enjoying life in general in Vietnam, but the attitude of locals is the only drawback. I tend to only hangout with other foreigners as they are much easier to get along with and far more relaxing.
    Don’t expect too much in ways of service, if someone is acting stupid just walk away, don’t bother arguing, keep small amounts of money in a different pocket than your wallet so they can’t see how much you’ve really got. I’m sorry if people are hurt by my words, but after almost 4 years i feel i can make a general observation. the reasons i live here are simple, i only have to work 15 hours a week, rent is cheap, food is cheap, life is cheap…..oh and the women are beautiful (well my woman is anyway).

    • Minh Nguyen says:

      I am sorry but I do not appreciate your remark about Vietnamese. It is obvious that you will never understand Vietnamese or Eastern people in such that view. Honestly I am wondering what kind of people you are interacting with. If you just spend your time in pubs, bars, discotheque… then I can get it through. I do not deny your remarks about the security on street. There are always bad guys and good guys you are not right when you evaluate Vietnamese like that. I am a teacher too and I have my own ethics for my job. I prefer to study with a foreign teacher with all my respect in his personality and responsibility than a hypocrite teacher. How can you spend your life in that opinion while you are living and working here?
      I was seeking some information about my hometown to introduce to some foreign friends and I saw your remarks. I can’t help that and I wanted to write this comment. Oh ya, your words are really hurtful and not polite. I think that you also love your own country and people there. I debate because I respect people surround my life in my country. I suppose that you would adapt to the life-style here in Vietnam rather than keep being disgusted. Hopefully this comment finds your friendship not humiliation.

      • I just got back from Vung Tau a few days ago for work. The people there are actually quite friendly, if you approach them with a smile and treat them with mutual respect. The food is good and the expenses are quite cheap.

        Generally the Vung Tau is developing into a vibrant city with mix of old and new architecture. Looking forward to be there again next month when our client’s vessel docks in.

    • J.Lee says:

      Max, how is your observation connected with Vung Tau City and how these commets are related to “where to go”?
      Concerning your opinion, this is your personal opinion.. and basing on my personal observation – local people treated to you the same way as you treated to them …
      And as about foreigner teachers, those are working here, most of them (by my personal opinion) come here and stay here exactly because – “… work 15 hours a week, rent is cheap, food is cheap, life is cheap….”
      What do you want their will think about you ??

  5. Tonny says:

    Quiet… quiet guys..
    Not a place for fighting here….
    Better tell me any good place in Vungtau for hair cut. Tried 2 barber shops but all not good

  6. Martin R says:

    There’s a men’s barber shop on the LH side of XVNT street heading away from town, just north of the market and a couple of hundred metres before XVNT meets Le Hong Phong. 30,000VND, but they do a good job.

  7. Cuong says:

    Hello to ALL ! Have you been to Vung-tau cable car connecting the ground terminal on the Tran-Phu beach to the Big mountain’s hill ? The round-way ticket is VND100,000 /pax (adult) and VND50,000 /pax (children). Being on the hill, you can have overall view to the city. If you have visited there, I would like to hear your opinion. Thanks !

  8. vungtausurf says:

    I’ve have been there many times. Before there nothing to do and very boring. Only good view on the City and pine trees forest. Now better. Have roller coaster, small zoo and other things.
    Very pity they closed the road, before I came up to the mountain by car, now its not possible.
    Cable car is good and view from cabin is breathtaking :))

  9. Michael says:

    Where can I find a good restaurant in vung tau city ?

  10. vungtausurf says:

    many good restaurants in Vung Tau. Check this forum “RESTAURANTS & BARS IN VUNG TAU”:
    or this page:

  11. DENIS ALPHANSO says:

    Want to come backto vietnam, its been 10 years when i worked for phu my project and stayed at vung tau, i guess things have changed a lot there

  12. vungtausurf says:

    Sure Vung Tau have been changed a lot. You can see some pictures in our forum here:

  13. Kalvin says:

    There are several old French bunkers and big guns around that are really neat too see. They are a little trashy due to the lack of understanding about littering by the Vietnamese, and then they are overgrown and not maintained. All very neat and a big part of the history of Vung Tau. They also have great views. Would be great if they would take care of them. There is also the light house. You just have to pay the so called security guards a small price to watch your bikes while they gamble. lol.

    • Ha says:

      Hey you! VN I am. I known this wab site
      through a friend. And I’ve read some of your thoughts about my little country. I understand and appreciate your comments!
      But my friend, is the new VN escape war that lasted centuries and the developing countries, both physically and mentally. So you feel more and more attention to our offline!
      Thank you and wish you the very interesting trip!

  14. Klara says:

    I need information ASAP!!!!
    My son going to be married Sept,2012. My family traveling from Texas to Vung Tau. ..and my relatives going to play on electric guitar ..but we have to have power mix- Yamaha-, JBL..and net 2 ea 500 w amplifier..and reflector!
    I looking for shop to rent to those..
    If anybody able to help,please send the email to: pindurka@msn.com
    Thank You

  15. Sunil says:

    Does any one know Phone Numbers / Contact Details of good computer stores in Vung Tau Province?
    Would be great if someone could share this information on site. Thanks.

  16. Mikey L says:

    There are many conputer stores in Vung Tau. Have one big store opposite COOP Mart, in 15stores building.
    Two more big stores on Ba Cu street.

  17. Alex Dobrov says:

    Are there any casino in Vung Tau or Ba Ria? I heard have some. Only for foreigners?

    • Andrey says:

      There are 2 casino in Vung Tau. One in the city center (Monte Carlo) and one not far from Vung Tau on the Ho Tram – Ho Coc beach (the Grand). The Grand casino is really great place, looks likeo casino in Ma Cao..

    • Lan G. says:

      If you stay in Vung Tau and you are foreigner or foreign passport holder you can play in Casino. Sure MGM Grand the best place to go. Can go the on weekend, stay one night and return. Its just around 20-30 km away from Vung Tau. If go from HCMC they have special shuttles, need to check on website.
      I go many casino in Vietnam (Hai Phong, HCMC …) and can say MGM Grand is the best one.

  18. Peter says:

    Arrive in Vung Tau early February , what are the chances of some swell for surfing then
    thanks Peter .

  19. alex d. says:

    Yes, still have swell in Vung Tau during February. One problem can be is that during Tet Holidays (from 10 till 20 February)Back Beach in Vung Tau is too crowded

  20. Peter says:

    Thanks Alex we will be in Long Hai / Vung Tau area from the 4th to 9th so might miss the crowd
    cheers Peter

  21. Jay says:

    Hi everyone

    I may go to Vung Tau soon for work then live there and would like to know what is the closest scuba diving spot (no plane)?

    Thanks for your answers


  22. Pirjo says:

    Does anyone have experience about going by ship from Vung tau to Con Dao?
    Does anybody has any information on the ship’s schedule and ticket reservation?

    Thanks for the replies

  23. Hookey says:

    I have been in Vung Tau just over a year, was here in the 60’s a lot has changed since then, planning on staying awhile looking for something to do, not on the touristy type of thing something more hands on i like the people have good neibours but need something to do, any ideas?.Minh Nguyen liked your comments, cheers Hookey.

  24. David L Cunningham says:

    Looking for someone who knows John down at Cafe Bai.Neeed to contact him.

  25. Don B says:

    everyone has their own opinion about Vietnam, some good some bad. As for me I have come to Vietnam 9 times in almost 6 years. I LOVE IT. I am Italian American born in New York living in California, I love The country, the people and the food. I am a Veteran of the Vietnam war era however i never made it to Vietnam in that time. “lucky me” I am both sorry for the people of Vietnam for what they had to endure and the suffering, and ashamed for what we did over there. My heart goes out to them, I love and respect the Vietnamese people. I have learned a lot of their language and eat everything and anything Vietnamese food dishes. The Vietnamese woman are beautiful, friendly, loving and caring people. Sure there are bad but there are good and bad American woman in USA as well. If you don’t like the Vietnamese culture, you have the option to not go there. I am coming back to Vietnam January 8, 2014 for 6 weeks I hope to make some more good friends there moi nguoi Suc khoe nhe. cam on nhieu. if you like to make friends and chat with me my yahoo nick name is anewyork.sicilian

  26. Rikko says:

    Hi, it’s my first return to Vung Tau in around 50 years! Looking forward to a visit although sadly I can only squeeze in a day trip from Saigon this time. Can anyone suggest if there are sightseeing trips around the city (like a small bus, for a couple of hours or more?) like in most other cities? Can’t see this on the website but possibly my eyes are not so good these days! If so, can you recommend a company/starting point? (-:

    • George says:

      If nobody has replied yet,If you go to MACCAS hotel
      At Vung Tau there are plenty of guys who will see that
      you get to see around.

  27. rikko says:

    Hi, I have tried 3 times, to post simple general questions about visiting Vung Tau – why are they always deleted????? My questions are not offensive in any way, to any one???? Can you please explain? Thank you

  28. admin says:

    Hi. Your posts were waiting for moderation. Sorry for late approval.

  29. Justin says:

    We just got back from Vung Tau and visited during the week, so it was quiet but found the best beaches were off of the resorts such as the Imperial hotel beach. We also visited Villa Blanche (White Palace) and caught some nice views of the harbor – did not have time for the cable car ride, but saw it in the distance. Is the cable car ride worth doing? Also nice views from Jesus statue.

  30. "Uncle" says:

    Hey Hookey – if you’re still around, you’re more than welcome to join the Vung Tau Hash House Harriers for a walk/run in the local area (different trail every week). We meet every Sunday at 2 pm for 2.30 pm start – Offshore Bar 1 beer garden, 02 Hoang Dieu (behind Rex Hotel, Front Beach). No great athletes here – a few jog, some walk, most do a mix of both. Most trails last 1-1-1/2 hours max, then plenty of fellowship with snacks and a few beers. We’re not-for-profit and nominal run fees only are charged to cover expenses (100k VND for males, but add 20k if bus hire involved – less for females, students, children 5-16). Same invitation applies to everyone – the more the merrier! On On! “Uncle”

  31. "Uncle" says:

    Just a quick update to above re Vung Tau Hash House Harriers. We now meet at the Sao Bien 4 restaurant (about 30 metres before the main cable car building at 1A Tran Phu – enter through Sao Bien 3 gate then turn left into SB4 after parking on the right). All other info above still valid, but see website for more: http://www.vungtauhash.com
    Also, we’re about to start an informal walking group we’re calling the ‘Bay City Strollers’ – we’ll start on 1 June 2015, meeting every day at 9.30 am for 10 am start: WTF – We Taste Fresh cafe/bistro at 11 Hoang Hoa Tham. Everyone welcome – no money involved (buy your own water and coffee!).

  32. Heidi says:

    I will be in vung tau in December 2015 and wanting to know if there are tour guides with small buses to pick us up from the port (on a cruise) and show us (a group of 13) around for the day?

  33. admin says:

    Are you coming to Phu My Port? Its not far from Vung Tau. We can arrange a bus with English speaking driver and a round tour for all day.
    Please give us more details:

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