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House for rent in Vung Tau

Outside of HousePrice 500$ per month! Furnished house for rent in Vung Tau

Equidistant from both front and back beach.
3 bedrooms all en-suite.
Quiet residential area Room to park car in front yard.
$500 per month one month deposit in advance
Ha 0937-896960
or David on

Appartments for rent in Vung Tau

Cars for rent in Vung Tau


Kia Rio
year of production – 2012
1-10 days  : 51 US$/day
11-30 days  : 46 US$/day
30 days   : 33 US$/day
6 months +  : 28 US$/day
Color – White
Transmission – Automatic
Number of seats – 5Please email at: or call/SMS 0903879177 (Vlad), 0907444545 (Chau)

Vn cars Chevrolet Captiva - gray - for rent - 450Price from 33$ per day!  

Chevrolet Captiva
Year of production – 2009
Color – Silver
Transmission – Automatic
Number of seats – 7
Rent from 1-10 days – 50$/day
Rent from 11-30 days – 45$/day
Rent more than 30 days – 33$/day
Call or SMS: 01255652614

Motobike for rent in Vung Tau

Motorbike for rent

Yamaha Nouvo USD 8/day
Address: Hoang Hoa Tham 52A
Tel: 0987 207 2070987 207 207

Motorbikes for rent

Big choice of new and old motobikes for rent
Tel.: 0903050508 (Linh), 0988464061 (Eddie)

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58 Responses to For Rent

  1. Brad Dinh says:

    To tenant: You are foreigners who are living or having intention of staying and working in Vungtau city, Vietnam. You are looking for properties such as Apartments, Villas, Houses, Offices. We are properties rental agent, this is the place where you can find apartments, house, villas, offices in vungtau city to rent out ! We have a multitude of properties ranking from cheap to luxury and make it easier for you to choose by a plenty of images.

    We offer free services to all tenants:

    Email us telling your requirements:
    – Where you would like the property be located in (which ward? How far away from your company office/factory… )
    – How many bedrooms ?
    – How long will you be living in the apartment?;
    – You have any specific requirements for the property?
    – Suitable time for you to visit the property and place to meet you.
    To landlord: If you have a apartment, house, villa in Vungtau city to rent out. Please do not hesitate to contact us ! Also, if you have good property that you want to rent or sell to foreigners, we can help you to advertise generously . For more information, please contact us.

    Contact to : Mr. Brad Dinh
    Phone no : 0996112258 (+84 996112258)
    Email :
    Address : 163/157 Hoang Van Thu St., Ward 7, Vungtau city (near CoorpMart – Truong Van Bang St.)

  2. Andy Nguyen says:

    We are a real estate agency supply house, apartment for rent or sale on demand suitable for all foreigners in Vung Tau city. If you want a new residence do not hesitate about telling us. We will help you to find the best one in security area with full furniture and low price.
    We will provide you with plenty of house pictures until you choose the most suitable one which satisfy your demand. It is do not waste of time and very convenient for you. Besides, we will help you in negotiating all terms in rental contract with the landlord if you do not hold vietnamese laws.

    Pls send your request to:
    Andy Nguyen
    VungTauRealty LLC
    442/1/25 Binh Gia, Nguyen An Ninh Ward, Vung Tau City
    Call: (84)907316461

  3. anastasia says:

    please can you tell me how much price for 6 month rent not expensive home near the ocean in silence place in vietnam villages, not in big cities dont know which place will be better for me. please give me more information about places and prices.
    and one more question. is it possible to open deposit bank account for foreigners for 50 000 usa dollars in vietnam bank from 90 to 180 days?
    please give me more information about it or link.
    thank you!

    • Andy Nguyen says:

      You can open a deposit bank account at Citibank or HSBC bank. It is very safe because you can withdraw your money almost everywhere around the world.
      I think you can live the area near Back Beach. It is so quite and peaceful. Small houses and apartments are always available with rental price from 500-1000usd/m.
      If you need more further information, plz send me and email to

  4. vungtausurf says:

    If in real village it will be very cheap.. 30-50 usd, but not sure there will be suatable condition for living.
    If rent in tourists vilages something like Mui Ne or Ho Kok price will be from 400 per month.
    Also can rent a villa or house right on the beach not far from Vung Tau (5-6 km form the city center). Price for house will be from 400 as well.
    Concerning deposit for foreigners its possible but you should have temporary residence card or you can exchange usd to vnd and deposit without problem.

  5. Malte says:

    I’m planning to visit Vietnam from 3rd Nov. 2011 to 1st Dec. 2011 and would like to discover & experience Vung Tau.
    Can you help me find a budgetfriendly (5-10$ pr.night) room(guesthouse)/appartment (20 days rental) in Vung Tau?

    Thanks in advance,



  6. vungtausurf says:

    Hi. Yes we can help. When you come to Vung Tau go to “Vungtau Beach Club”, its on the Back Beach, opposit Sammy hotel (tel: +84-64-3526-101). There you will find our staff – Barmen Lena, Manager Nina, of Pinky Yazz – surf station administrator. They will help you to find a cheap room on the Back beach. There are many guest houses around our Club with a price from 5 usd per night.

    • Dominick Goehrig says:

      Hey everybody at vung tau surf club I was wondering if I could book a guest house from you guys ahead of time or if I should just do that when I arrive. I’ll been in Vung Tau on March 13th 2013.

  7. HIEN says:

    hi dear ,, i am going back vn 2 of jan until 25 feb . in two month . so i need to rent a house or a apartment in vung tau . i need two bed room so u have any for rent . not expensive price about 5000.000 or 6000.000vnd ..can u help me .

  8. alex dobrov says:

    hi , its quite difficult to rent house or apartment in Vung Tau for short time. usually owner give for rent minimum for 6 month.. you can try servced residence “hong binh” or “binh anh” on Pham Chu Chin street. they have appartments with price starting from 250 usd

  9. Andrew says:

    Hello dear!
    I’m planning a vacation in Vung Tau this winter. I need to rent a villa or apartment. I would like to rent an apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, at least, a kitchen and a spacious living room. Suit a quiet place near the sea in the city or suburbs. I arrive 14.01.12, 10.02.12 depart.
    Can somebody help me?
    thank you in advance

  10. vungtausurf says:

    Agree with Alex. Its difficult to find a villa and house for short time in Vung tau. Much more easy appartments in condo. There are many nice places – “Sea View Residence” for example:
    Perfect place, 50 meters to the beach.. but a little bit expensive.
    There are some cheaper appartments, abovementioned – “Hong binh” and “Binh anh” on Pham Chu Chin street.

  11. VungTauRental says:

    Welcome you to Vung Tau Rental Agency!
    We are the best properties rental Agency!
    We are the best rental services for you!

    Finding the rental properties is FAST, EASY and FREE on

    “Get started searching for your new perfect house, apartment, villa, office, condo, residence on, You will be amazing with our source and service”

    Contact to:
    Name : Mr. Brad Dinh
    Mobile : (+84) 168 7700 686 / (+84) 996 11 22 58
    Email :
    Website :
    Address : 142 Ha Long St., Vung Tau city ( Route 142 Bar & Grill)

  12. Alex Dobrov says:

    Hello Brad Dinh,
    You have good website, but one suggestion. Could you add more pictures to the option you offer.
    Best regards,

  13. Wally Unger says:

    I am looking for a house to rent in Vung Tau…if the price is right for full time…2 to 3 bedroom…thank you

  14. Alex says:

    I m looking for big one bed room serviced apartment in vung tau for 2 years contract

  15. Kseniia says:

    Dear all, we are going to Vung Tau from 6 to 20 of November 2012. We need to rent house, apartment or villa for this period, can be not inside the sity, we will take the rental car… we what to have sea view and svimming pool at the territory. Can you offer me something? 4-6 persons will come. Thanks a lot

  16. Klara says:

    Dear All,
    We are going to Vung Tau,because my son going to be married is September 2012. We are looking for to borrow from the store or from somebody(of course we love to pay)
    1 ./power mix: Yamaha,JBL ect..
    3./ 2x500W audio amplifier
    My relative also coming from Europe to play with own guitar.
    Thank You

    • vungtausurf says:

      Hi Klara.
      There is one shop in Vung Tau where you can rent this equipment. Its located on Le Hong Phong street opposite Central Post Office. Also you can come to Vungtau Beach Club (Surf Bar) and ask Lena or Nina they will help with this matter. They have in store amplifirers, speakers etc. They located on the BAck BEach opposite Sammy Hotel

  17. Soraya Ho Sing Loy says:

    Wanted to share my experience on finding the perfect apartment ,for an affordable price all because of Mr Brad Dinh of Vung Tau
    Brad has been very professional and efficient each time we met
    He even travelled to HCMC to translate dialogue as Apt owner did not speak English. He took me around on his new clean motor bike to view several apartments
    All this traveling was done on his own expense .
    Brad provided movers and a small truck at a very affordable rate for my move
    When we signed the lease ,Brad made sure it was legally translated in English and he went through it word by word ,to assure our security and understanding.
    On finding out that it was my birthday ,he had a beautiful cake delivered ,a gesture I appreciated greatly
    Never once did Brad ask for extra money ,even though he has gone beyond his role as a real estate agent .
    Today ,not only have I gotten a great ,beautiful ,affordable apartment ,but I have also gained a friend in Vung Tau.
    Today one month later after our meeting Brad has provided me with a housekeeper and continues to be a translator for anything I need.
    Highly Recommended …….he brings first class quality to Vung Tau .
    Thank You Brad!!!!

  18. Joey says:

    Is it possible to find accommodation big enough for a family of 11, for about 10 days?

  19. Andrey says:

    Villas or apartments in Vung tau for rent usually for long time (minimum 6 month)
    You can try some condo. Can recommend Cote de Vuar (something like this). They have 6 villas and several apartments. Big villa have 4 rooms, I think 10 people can live there easy.
    Have picture here:
    if need help to contact owner pls write to this email:

  20. Landlord says:

    i have a brand new beach front apartment with 3 stars facilities for rent. if you are interested let me know. $500-1000
    i’m canadian so yes! i speak english =)

  21. DouglasMike says:

    Landlord, I am interested in the Beach Front Apartment for rent. May I view it a one year rental. Where is it located in Vung Tau?

  22. сергей says:

    Все очень быстро меняется во Вьетнаме! Сейчас уже легко снять шикарную виллу на пляже ! Этим я уже занялся и сдаю свои виллы в отеле CLIFF RESORT 4*

  23. Motorbike for rent in Vung Tau: high quality, reasonable price!
    Contact via number 0937109088

  24. Frank Page says:

    I would like to rent either a small house, appartment or office to work in. My work is totally computer/internet based with no contact from visitors/ clients.

    My main requiremnets would be:

    good internet connection
    air con
    cable tv.
    decent view (desirable!)

    I would be satisified with just a secure single room of say 15m2 if possible.

    Please can you advise if you have anything to meet the above and costs

    Best Regards
    Frank Page
    Lac Long Quan

    • 33 hotel says:

      Our hotel in Back Beach with good wifi, air condition, fan,private WC, room with balcony, if you want to see pls come to my hotel, 33 Phan Văn Trị, Thắng Tam Ward, Vung Tau City. Or email : i will send you the photos and the price for long stay. our hotel always have foreigner customers stay so quite and clean. Hope to see you at my hotel.

  25. Alex says:

    Looking for 2 bed apartment 6.000.000 per month…Vung Tau

  26. Anna says:

    Any car for rent in Vung tau, Mui Ne or HCMC?

  27. Anna says:

    Actually I can pick car for rent in any city of Vietnam – Saigon, Vung Tau, Bien Hoa or Phan thiet..

  28. Trevor says:

    Hello All
    I am wanting to rent a single bedroom townhouse, shop front or villa in Vung Tau
    A 2 floor residence would be most suitable as we wish to
    operate a business from downstairs and live upstairs.
    Please reply with any details and prices accordingly to TJA_4@yahoo.cpm
    Regards Trevor

  29. Dobrov says:

    Anna, if you in Vungtau go to car rental office at 124 Ha Long Street
    In mui ne have agent also
    I dont know phone number

  30. admin says:

    Car Kia Morning for rent in Vung Tau. pls mail to

  31. Rod 75 says:

    I am coming to Vietnam in September 2014. Looking for car for rent for one year. Should be in good condition, better SUV, insurance. Max 800 usd / month
    Can pick up in HCMC or Vung Tau.

  32. Sergej says:

    Hi Guys,

    From 1st of November I am planning to get a job at Vung Tau shipyard ,if somebody can to assist me with finding apartment for almost 2 years period.I-2 bedrooms 40-80 sam would be fine.Not far from the swimmable beach.
    Thanks in advance and kind regards

    • Jack Tran says:

      Hi Sergej,
      Our hotel have very spacious room for lease in the central of Vung Tau, walking distance to the beach, near banks, 24h eating area… at very affordable price. Please contact me if you want more information and photos.

  33. Вова says:

    Нужна машина на прокат во Вьетнаме (Муйне) на 3 месяца, с ноября по февраль.

  34. Yellow says:

    Если нужны машины на прокат во вьетнаме пишите на

  35. Ольга says:

    Подскажите, пожалуйста, как найти виллу, дом или квартиру в Ванг Тау с 20 декабря по 20 февраля? Обращаться ли к местным риэлторам или как быть? Заранее благодарна за совет.

  36. ngochoa (rooms for rent - guesthouse) says:

    The homely and comfortable accommodation located in the center of Vung Tau city, Nguyen Du street, ward 1, Vung Tau, Vietnam. Offering air-conditioned rooms with a double bed, a wardrobe, a flat-screen cable TV, free wifi and seating area. a private suite bathroom includes shower facility, slippers and free toiletries. The accommodation is just 200 metres from Front Beach,1 km from White Villa. Christ of Vung Tau is 2.1 km away and many bars, discotheques within 200 meters walking distances.
    we are offering daily rate or monthly rate that is the best convenient for your staying

    please contact via cell phone (+84) 903815945 for more details before your arrival

  37. RICK says:

    I am coming to Vung Tau to retire. Do you have 2 bedroom house or apartment that will except small schitsu dog for about $500/mth

  38. Car Rental In Vung Tau | Affordable Car Rental says:

    For Rent | Vung Tau City Portal – We are a real estate agency supply house, apartment for rent or sale on demand suitable for all foreigners in Vung Tau city. If you want a new residence do not ..

  39. Cao Chi says:

    We offer free services to all tenants:
    Email us telling your requirements:
    – Where you would like the property be located in (which ward? How far away from your company office/factory… )
    – How many bedrooms ?
    – How long will you be living in the apartment?;
    – You have any specific requirements for the property?
    – Suitable time for you to visit the property and place to meet you.
    Contact to: Ms. Chi
    Phone no:090 446 2975 – 0937 131 811

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