Jimmy Lewis Pays Visit to Beach Club

Last weekend we got a visit from Jimmy Lewis, a surf and SUP board leading shaper and a founder of a namesake surfing brand. Even though Jimmy lives in Hawaii, he often comes to Vungtau and visits our surf club, which happens to be the brand’s exclusive distributor. Every time Jimmy comes to Vietnam, heContinue Reading

Jimmy Lewis tham quan câu lạc bộ Beach

Jimmy Lewis tham quan câu lạc bộ Beach Cuối tuần trước Jimmy Lewis đã đến tham quan câu lạc bộ của chúng tôi, là người đứng đầu và là người sáng lập ra môn lướt sóng và SUP, cũng là người sáng lập ra thương hiệu cùng tên lướt sóng.Mặc dù Jimmy sống ở Hawaii,Continue Reading

Russia Surfing Cup and International Kitesurfing Competitions in Vung Tau

“Russia Surfing Cup and International Kitesurfing Competitions- Vung Tau 2012″ starts 25 of November with Grand opening ceremony.   More then 50 sportsmens from Russia, Ukraine, France and Vietnam arrived to Vung tau to participate in this contest. Tens of spectators and participants came from Mui Ne to Vung Tau by big bus submittes byContinue Reading

The Worldwide Arms Museum in Vung Tau

If you are in Vung Tau for the first time, don’t forget to visit one of the greatest educational places in Vietnam, The Worldwide Arms Museum. It is located on one of the highest coastal mountains in Vung Tau, on the road heading to the lighthouse (14 Hai Dang Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City).Continue Reading

Vung Tau: The Perfect Vietnam destination

                              If you are considering a far-flung destination for your exotic holiday this year, why not think about visiting the resort of Vung Tau, situated on the south-east coast of Vietnam. Vung Tau is famous as a beach resort. Road transfer from Ho Chi Minh city takes about two hours, but for something a littleContinue Reading

Bia Hoi. Traditional Vietnamese beer and brewery.

On the North some calls it morning beer – “BIA SANG”, somewhere you can find a signboards – “BIA ONG” what means honey beer, but on the South and Central Vietnam usually just “BIA HOI” that means sparkling (gas) beer. There are many legends and rumors around this beer. One of the legend says thatContinue Reading

Pioneering Russian investment in offshore service business

Until recently private investments in rapidly developing economy of Vietnam were mostly concentrated in tourism, agricultural and light industry. The heavy industry, the oil & gas service sector has been mostly occupied by large industrial monsters. There are various kinds of affiliated companies or representative offices with headquarters outside Vietnam, but the private investments areContinue Reading

Duxton Group is going to build luxury complex in Vung Tau

Singapore based Company “Low Keng Huat” together with National Oil Services Company of Vietnam Ltd (OSC Vietnam) are going to build huge luxury complex in Vung Tau Project was approved by local authorities and it will include 18 floor five star hotel “DUXTON VUNG TAU”, 25 floor residential and office buildings those will be locatedContinue Reading

Surfing Championship of Russian Federation 2012 will be held in Vung Tau

Surfing Championship of Russian Federation 2012, that was planned to be held in Russian Far Eastern City of Vladivostok at the beginning of August was moved to November and competitions will be hold on the “Back Beach” in Vung Tau City. As was reported by Far East Branch of the Russian Federation of Surfing, dueContinue Reading

XVIII National Youth Bicycling Сhampionship in Vung Tau

“XVIII National Youth Bicycling Сhampionship” organized by the “Department of Sport and Tourism” in collaboration with provincial “Bicycle Federation” and “Vietnam Motorcycle Club” has started in Vung Tau at 26 of June, 2012. 150 young athletes (men and women from 16 to 18 years old) and 10 teams participated in this tournament to ride distanceContinue Reading

"Vungtau Beach Club" after reconstruction

One of the most popular places in Vung Tau   – “Vungtau Beach Club” (“Surf Bar” and “Kite & Surf School”) had a long and complete reconstruction last year. The old thatch was changed on a tile roof, that’s very good in view of coming rain season. Downstairs lounge bar with sea-view was fully rebuilt withContinue Reading

Vietnam Marine Economy Forum 2012 in Vung Tau

“Sea Brand Forum & Vietnam Marine Economy Forum 2012″ this year took place in “Vungtau Intourco Resort”, Vung Tau City. That annual event exists from 2010 year and concern to the wide circle of problems and important issues about development of marine enterprises and sea environment. This year Initiative organisations (Ministry of natural resources andContinue Reading

What they have for the dinner tonight?

Some fishermen are fishing in Vietnam by net, some by fishing rod, some by dynamite but some by electricity. It seems that this is the most humane and environmentally safe way of catching fish. There are a lot of small lakes and puddles in Baria – Vungtau province those appear during raining season with abundanceContinue Reading

"Learn – Race – Share". High tide racing, Vung Tau, 2012

This Saturday, 17 of March, 2012 “High Tide Racing” is going to hold its second race in Vung Tau. All activities will be held on the Front Beach opposite Grand Hotel during Saturday and Sunday. After opening ceremony, during lunch on the beach, there will be motor sport demonstration on the water – wakeboard, waterContinue Reading

Getting a motorbike license in Vung Tau

Sooner or later foreigners living in Vietnam come across the same need: a driving license for motorbike. Motorbike is a cheap and convenient method of getting around, but foreign, even international driving licenses, are not recognized in Vietnam. Not bothering to go through the hassle of getting a license, many foreigners end up driving withoutContinue Reading

Vung Tau night market construction has been started

Vung Tau was probably the only tourist city in the region without night market or walking street. Today this lack will be compensated in full. Local authorities have made a decision to build first in the city night market or how it will be officially called “VUNG TAU TOURISM MARKET”. The experience of other AsianContinue Reading


Beer garden (a loan translation from the German “Biergarten”) is an open-air area where beer, other drinks and local food (see German cuisine) are served. The concept originates from and is most common in Southern Germany (especially Bavaria). It is usually attached to a drinking establishment such as a public house or a beer hall.Continue Reading


Although the grand opening of the Singapore International School took place on July 15, 2011 the parent company, KinderWorld Education Group, had entered Vung Tau the year before, meeting with parents in order to gauge the level of interest. Subsequently, having received strong feedback, construction of the new campus began April 2010 while an interimContinue Reading


Vung Tau Hash House Harriers (“VTH3″) was founded in December 1992.  It has nearly 150 members on the books, and the club (or “chapter”) runs every Sunday with average attendance between 15 and 25 men, women and children depending on work rosters. The runs alternate, with a “local” trail one week (Big Mountain, Jesus Hill,Continue Reading


If, like me, you are generally unconcerned with the aesthetic and overall comfort of your ride therefore the crumpled cigar tube aesthetic of the local hydrofoil fleet is perfectly acceptable. However, if you prefer to bask in that new-ship-smell and time is not of the essence the Duong Dong Express may be for you. BuiltContinue Reading